Siddha Scanning & Clairvoyance

Each object living or nonliving has attained a level of consciousness which defines their energy levels in the form of aura. By having the powers and capacity to sense and measure the energy levels one can move beyond the gross functioning and start working on the subtle levels. In the Siddha Scanning workshop special meditations to develop the extra sensory perception are done and the clairvoyance faculty some sadhaks also gets activated. The Agya Chakra becomes very Learn more

Shree Vidya Meditation

Shree Vidya Meditation is the most sacred of all Sadhnas. It can only be attained by the grace and blessings of a Siddha Guru. Shree Vidya is the sadhna of Shree Yantra or Shree Chakra. Goddess Lalita Tripur Sundari - the bestower of "Bhog" and "Moksha" - is the presiding deity of the Shree Chakra. Shree Vidya is a Sadhna of Materialization (Shrishti Chakra) as well as Dematerialization (Sanghaar Chakra). A Shree Vidya Sadhak is blessed with unlimited abundance and thus le Learn more

Shambhavi Meditation & Healing

There are so many stories of great saints who could cure the deadliest of disease by a mere look; saints like Shirdi Sai Baba, Baba Gorkhanathji, Baba Nityananda or Jesus Christ. Their miraculous healing powers attracted mass followers. Even a look at their photograph can make one receive the radiation emanating from their tranquil eyes. So what is the great power? Has it disappeared with the great saints or does it still exist even today? Can common people ever dream of g Learn more

Siddha Meditation & Healing

Siddha Meditation is done with Sanjeevani Shakti, the grace of Lord Mahamruthunjaya, which becomes even more powerful when combined with the powers of Sun, called the Mrit Sanjeevani Shakti. The grace helps one heal human challenges, including physical health, financial and relationship issues and also challenges of Vastu dosha, Bhumi dosha, Pitra dosha, Deva dosha and Kaal sarp dosha. They are potent enough to usher in happiness and prosperity by countering any ill effect Learn more

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